Last weekend, I went to Mamaleh’s for brunch. While it opened fairly recently, in July, I’ve been desperate to go — my only source for Jewish eats has so far been Zaftigs, which is delicious don’t get me wrong and conveniently located right near me, but I’m so happy to have another. And Mamaleh’s is good. Real good. Very deserving of all the hype.

We ordered latkes to share, and I got the mushroom reuben and my friend got the classssic house lox plate. Oh my god, my sandwich was so good. The mushrooms – smoked king oyster mushrooms, to be exact – were just so right. Flavorful, not lame filler shrooms, and chewy, and paired great with the pickled cabbage [sauerkraut] and russian dressing. There was nothing I wished was different. The lox were also so good of course, paired with a homemade onion bialy. Drooooool.

The only problem I had here was debating what to order. I don’t think I could go back and NOT get the sandwich because it was literally that good. But, I really want to try a few more things, like the kugel, potato knishes, blintzes, egg salad, babka, and rugelach. I know, that’s a lot. What’s also really cool about Mamaleh’s is that it’s set up for eating in or taking out. There aren’t that many tables, so I would suggest making a res if you do want to eat in, but the whole front part of the restaurant is focused on their take out counter. It would be a great spot to pick up a bagel & lox on Sunday morning, and be sure to grab a loaf of babka too.