Have I mentioned how much I love high tea? I know, it’s so formal and antiquated and everything, but I just love it. After we tried The Langham, we wanted to give high tea another go, and we decided on The Courtyard Restaurant at BPL.

The setting is great. You’re in a cool, marble room off of the courtyard. Some of the chairs are high, velvet, queen chairs and I highly recommend you sit in one of those. Also, the menus are in books, as in the menu is a page of the novel. I know, because it’s in a library. Cute.

There’s a decent selection of teas, although it’s not extensive, but there’s a good amount of variety that isn’t overwhelming. The vegetarian sandwich options were delicious. The roasted vegetable, artichoke hearts and olive, and tomato bruschetta were my faves. They even brought the vegetarian options on an entirely separate plate for me. The desserts were perfect as well. I happen to love lemon poppy seed, macarons, AND fruit tarts so I really hit the jackpot. The lemon poppy seed bundt might have been my favorite but it’s tough to say.

Tea is always so deceiving because the food is so small, you think it won’t be that filling, but it always is. We were so full after the scones and sandwiches and treats, not to mention the couple pots of tea.

I loved this high tea. I felt like it was less stuffy than some others I’ve been to, more casual, a bit less expensive, but so good. And it’s hard to beat the beautiful setting of the BPL. I could easily see this becoming a regular get together..