A few nights ago, I finally made it to Little Donkey. This restaurant is on everyone’s list, has won a bunch of those hot new restaurant awards, is from the same people as Toro + Coppa, and, expectedly so, is delicious.

The menu is all over the place, which I thought was wonderful. I feel like the dishes we ordered came from so many different origins. For example, matzo ball ramen [which is a whole culture shock in itself] and cucumber salad. That’s… Japanese, Jewish, and Greek? In total, we went for the ramen, cuke salad, shrimp toast, and matcha profiteroles. We actually tried to order the red lentil kale dahl as well, but our waiter forgot and so it was never brought out. Next time I suppose..


I absolutely loved the cucumber salad. So much flavor packed into those rolled slices of cukes. 10/10 would order again. The shrimp toast was different than I was expecting. It’s not like a crostini, which is what I thought it would be, but it’s toast with a shrimpy spread on top that’s then deep fried. Tasty forsure, but not sure I would get it again, ya know. Now the ramen. It was chock FULL of toppings which I loved – scallions, crunchy onion, corn. And of course I am a sucker for matzo balls so that’s all you really needed to say. I have to admit though, I think this dish is more of a wow factor in creativity and style than it is in taste. I liked it, and I recommend you order it if you go, but it was neither the best ramen nor best matzo ball soup I’ve had, and that space in between I’m just not sure about.

For dessert, I know I know we didn’t get the cookie dough! The hyperinstagrammable cookie dough on the beater. Which sounds delish don’t get me wrong but we were just not feeling it at the time. But the matcha profiteroles…. omg the fudge on top. It is so good. So fudgy and chocolatey. And goes so well with the light matcha ice cream. The crunchy pocky is the perfect topping.

Ok so I of course wanted to order so many more things [when do I not?]. Primarily, the farro kimchi fried rice, squash pakora, and spiced carrots. And real talk, the brunch menu. I was so mad/jealous that they were only serving breakfast on the weekdays because hello if you work M-F 9-5 you can’t ever go. But, now, there’s brunch on Sundays. Toad in a hole? Chilaquiles?! Or the Jerusalem bowl??