I’ve finally started to make a dent on some of the restaurants that have been on the list for so long. TG, it’s about time. And Tiger Mama did not disappoint. Obviously. The food, the decor, the service — all A+ in my book.

We basically loved everything we ordered. We tried the lobster fresh rolls, carrot salad, spicy okra, mala mushrooms, and market lettuce fried rice. We ALMOST got the chili jam clams, which are a must for when I go back, but really, five dishes was enough…

My favorites were the spicy okra and carrot salad. They are so good, packed with intricate layers of flavors, full of life. Would definitely order these again. And the portion sizes are pretty good, FYI, especially for sharing. You might not be able to tell but the bowls are deep. The mala mushrooms were also good, of course, but I thought a little heavy on the sauce/oil. The lobster fresh rolls had great texture, topped with crunchies, and yum sauce. But for some reason I thought they just didn’t have that much flavor, and I usually love fresh rolls. Maybe they were a bit too cold? The market fried rice was also great. This changes on the day I believe, but for us it was with kale and chard. Delish, and heavy on the veggies, which I loved.

I need to go back for the Sunday dim sum. That’s a definite. I would also like to go back for dinner and try the clams, fall squash curry, papaya salad, and pea pod stems. The atmosphere is super fun, and the restaurant was bigger than I was expecting. Perfect for a dinner date or a group get-together. I highly recommend heading over to Tiger Mama ASAP if you haven’t already!