Last weekend, I went down to New York to celebrate a friend’s engagement. We wanted to go to a nice place for dinner, to properly honor the couple, but we also wanted it to be fun and cool. We’re just not white table cloth people, ya know?

Antique Garage was perfect. Definitely on the nicer side, reservation only for the most part, live jazz, and great decor. I would forsure recommend this place to someone, and would gladly go back for the right occasion.

We ordered the fava beans, spicy shrimp, Aegean sarma, baked filet mignon, the arugula endive salad, manti, and sauteed spinach.

The Aegean sarma was by far my favorite dish. It’s halloumi wrapped in grape leaves, and then grilled with lemon slices on top. Wow. The saltiness of the leaves just works sooo so well with the cheese. You absolutely must try it if you go. I also like the sauteed spinach entree, but I wasn’t too crazy about the fava beans. I was more so expecting a dish of warm, whole beans with seasoning, but instead it was like a bean pâté. It didn’t have too much flavor either, so I probably wouldn’t order it again.

I didn’t try the filet, manti, or shrimp, BUT my dinner companions absolutely loved the manti and steak. The steak was very thin strips, wrapped in paper, and then baked. It smelled absolutely wonderful as it was unwrapped at the table. The manti were in the classic yogurt and tomato sauce, and did not dissapoint. The shrimp were also tasty, with a spicy, lightly tomato-y butter sauce which was perfect to dip the fresh bread in.

Fair warning: this place is pricey and the portions [especially for apps] are small. There were a ton of things on the menu that looked great — we struggled to choose only a few. And the drinks are very good. I tried a grapefruit, lime, and gin drink that was on special and then switched to their dirty martini, the Dirty Garage, which had a super strong olive flavor, which I loved.