The other night, I finally went to Hojoko in the Verb hotel. I think I put off going here for a little while because I always seemed to be with a semi-large group and they didn’t take reservations. But, NOW, they do take reservations! And, really, we would not have needed one on a Tuesday night, FYI — it was pretty empty.

I absolutely loved it. Like, I already want to go back. It’s a little on the pricey side if you go the sushi route, but their other dishes are very reasonable. And so fun. And delicious.

We ordered the brussel sprouts, tofu poke, udon noodle carbonara, funky chicken ramen, tuna roll, charred leeks, oyster mushroom skewers, and the spicy tuna burger. I loved the tofu poke. It was full of avocado and seaweed, and if you didn’t know, I really love seaweed. So that made it for me. The dressing was on a little thick, but it was tasty. I also really liked the brussels. The pumpkin seeds added a great crunch to the dish that I hadn’t experienced before. The mushroom skewers were perrrrrrfectly roasted and charred too. The truffle salt, the chives – it made me want to try and roast mushrooms in the hope that they could taste this good.


The funky chicken ramen. It was really good. They are not kidding around with that 48 hour broth. It was seriously creamy, rich, and flavorful – so much so that it would probably be solid at room temperature. It’s also packed with grilled chicken, seaweed, bamboo shoots.. I also heard that the carbonara and tuna burger were both wins as well.

Really, nothing we had here was bad. Like at all. In fact, I think I would order any of it again. Their menu is sooo fun and inventive, plus you can really try a lot of the dishes because most are made to be shared.

Also, it needs to be noted that Hojoko is famous for it’s drinks and after-hours vibe. The drink menu is absurd. For one, they have a section just for bombs, which should tell you enough right there, but they also serve frozen drinks [like the JAPANESE CAUCASIAN: reyka vodka, cold brew coffee, allen’s coffee brandy, condensed milk], fancy-ish scorpion bowls, and super unique sake and regular cocktails. And the decor is set to match.

I would love to go here even just for drinks + some bites, maybe on a date, with friends, before a concert at HoB – literally whatever it’s great.