This is a little Japanese place tucked away in Coolidge Corner. I stumbled on it one day while walking, peeking out from the entrance which is down a set of stairs from street level. It’s no frills authentic Japanese food, and what I mean by that is it’s so much more than sushi.

The menu is huge. We’re talking page after page. There are a ton of sushi options, nigiri and makimono, but what I loved most is that the menu focuses on small plates. That’s mostly what we decided to order. There are a ton of vegetable dishes; so many that I struggled with what to get! My friends also struggled with all the uni and fresh fish choices.

We eventually went with miso soup, okra and nametake daikon, yudofu, agedashi tofu, shiki shinko maki, an octopus dish on special, spicy tuna maki, and uni nigiri.

Most of the dishes were new to me, and I had considered myself to at least know a little bit about Japanese cuisine. The okra and nametake daikon is hard to describe; it’s mushrooms and okra on top of finely shred daikon, and it’s all served cold. I’m not sure I’d order this again because I found it didn’t have much flavor. The yudofu is the image below, somewhat like a soup with tofu and fresh vegetables. It’s served with a delicious soy-based sauce that you pour into it. The agedashi tofu was very good, and we also liked the octopus, uni, and tuna. My friend didn’t really enjoy the texture or tastes of the shiki shinko maki, but I liked the concept of using radish as the sushi wrapper.


I really enjoyed eating at Shiki. I think it’s going to become my go-to Japanese restaurant. The only thing is that the service was exceptionally slow. So slow that I felt bad for the waitresses because people started to become aggravated. I’m not sure if that was a one time bad night or a regular occurrence, I’ll have to wait and see I suppose. But there are so many more dishes I’d love to try, like sanshoku soba, ochazuke, and several of the other vegetables.

If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend heading to Shiki for quality eats and maybe to try a few new things.