I recently went back to Banyan for dinner. I’d been forever ago, and enjoyed it, but I thought a few things were off about it. But this time, I really loved our food and the whole experience in general.

Banyan is a perfect go-to for those who work in Back Bay, as it’s great for after work drinks or food. They have a super inventive/unique drink menu, and even a few of their signature cocktails on tap! Although, I do gotta say, I thought their Malaysian Mule was too sweet. But WOW the Supreme Leader is spicy.

We ordered a bunch of small plates. We went with the salmon poke, fried brussels [sans bacon], roasted cauliflower, and veggie rice bowl. I didn’t try the poke, but my friend really liked it. The brussel sprouts definitely packed a kick with chopped jalapenos on top, which went great with the scallions. I also enjoyed the cauliflower, however, personally I don’t really like the combo of sweet + savory in my real food [i.e. pineapple pizza, BBQ sauce, orange chicken] so the curry raisin compote was just a bit too sweet for me. My favorite dish was probably the veggie bowl. I am a sucker for anything pickled, like really, and I also swoon for shiitake mushrooms… so.. I basically loved everything about it. As you can see, a lot of the dishes were topped with crunchy popped rice which I was also really digging. It adds a new texture but the flavor is so subtle, it sort of can be added to anything.

I would love to have tried either of their ramens. They have their classic but also a seasonal option. That’ll have to be added to the list on my quest to try all the ramen in Boston.