This review is going to be a gushing, glowing, zealous post dedicated to BISq. I was excited to go here in the first place, and I am happy to report back that it was just as good I was hoping. It’s small, aka intimate, with simple decor and a heavy emphasis on the open kitchen. Which is awesome. I loved that it’s not crowded or packed really – they’re not trying to squeeze in as many tables as they possibly can. And there’s a ton of seating available at the kitchen counter which would be fun for a group of two. They also were playing great music in my opinion, some Buffalo Springfield, some Cream, etc you get the idea and also at juuuuust the right volume to vibe it but never to interrupt a conversation.

We ordered the roasted sunchokes, roasted cauliflower, vegetable churros, cheese from formaggio, yucca fries, and chocolate chip cookie. The only dish I would not order again would be the vegetable churros. Perfectly tasty, little balls of fried goodness, but eh nothing special you know. Now, what really made these small plates so good were the sauces. Like, wow. I would have licked the plate, especially for the sunchokes and probably for the yucca fries. I now desperately want to try and roast my own sunchokes in hopes that they could be this good.

We also ordered a bottle of beaujolais, which really just topped off the meal. And, of course, the cookie dessert. With gooey, uber thick, homemade marshmallow fluff. Mmmmm. Although we were rather disappointed to learn that they no longer serve the dessert charcuterie! I love the concept, and was really excited to try it. But oh well.. maybe they’ll bring it back?? I feel like it was a major hit – was it not?

The table next to us ordered the fried chicken, and it smelled irresistible. FYI.

I highly suggest making your way out to BISq. I would recommend a max group size of four, although there are a couple of lounge style tables in the back that could possibly accommodate more.