Now, this restaurant has SERIOUSLY been on my to-do list for ages. Oleana & Sarma, the two that got away. But no longer! I had the pleasure of eating at Sarma last week, and of course, I’m here to say that it is amazing and I’m already scheming to figure out when I can go back.

First off, it is so much bigger than I thought it would be. Not sure if I thought it was small because it’s so hard to get a res? Or what, but anyway, it’s a nice big lofty space. Second, the bread they serve at the table is delicious. Chewy, dense pita-ish bread covered in what I guess might be za’atar — herby goodness, regardless. Really gets the meal off on the right foot. Now, the main event.

We ordered the seven layer hummus, cauliflower fatteh, broccoli, and picked up a deviled eggs special. Let me explain that last part. Sarma does this really cool, dim sum style thing where they bring around trays of dishes that are on special that night and you can scope it out and decide if you want a plate. Super cool. And it really just felt meant to be because I am obsessed with deviled eggs, and low and behold, they have this fantastic deviled egg with olives and other goodness mixed in just sitting there, waiting for me to grab it.

We loved all our dishes. I would literally recommend you try them all. I think the cauliflower was narrowly my favorite; there were just so many flavors happening in the dish it was absurd but so so good. We were also planning to order a couple more in a second round but honestly we were so full we couldn’t do it! The dishes are small plates, but they pack a punch I gotta say.

Next time, because yes there will be a next time and I hope it’s in the near future, I reaaaaaally want to try the mushroom mousaka, artichoke spanikopita, brussel sprout bravas, and celery root latkes. And of course their desserts look drool-worthy. Classic Greek route – froyo and loukamades, but with the twist of a whole list of toppings you can add. Hello halva caramel and lemon cream pie?!

Their wine list is short & sweet, and I really liked the two whites that I tried. Basically, if you couldn’t tell, I believe this place deserves all the praise and whatever good fortune has been bestowed upon it. Definitely do yourself the favor of making a res at Sarma ASAP.