I definitely do not spend enough time in JP, but every time I do, I love it. The restaurants are so good, and often, so unique. Tres Gatos is no exception to that rule. Part record store, part event venue, part pillar of the community, part kick ass tapas bar, this place rocks.

It is super cozy and intimate inside, AKA the perfect escape from the cold. But due to it’s smaller size, you definitely need to make a reservation.

We ordered a bunch of tapas for our group of four. We tried the robiola cheese, beet salad, lentils casero, a roasted red cabbage dish, veggie paella, churros, and chocolate layer cake.


My favorites were the paella, red cabbage, and lentils. I could have eaten those three dishes all day long. The red cabbage was roasted to perfection, and topped with artichoke hearts and I think parsnip chips maybe. The flavors and textures just came together so well. The lentils were also great — salty, with the char of the peppers. And the paella. Ohhhhh the paella. I knew before coming here that I wanted to try it, as I’d seen it all over the internet and it just looked so wonderful. The veggie paella is packed with broccoli, peas, peppers, radishes, eggplant maybe, onions? I don’t even really fully know. But it’s topped with the most delicious crema that just blends right in, and even the rice alone is delicious. Also I think it should be noted that objectively, for veg and non veg alike, the veggie paella is the most popular option.

I really liked the robiola cheese as well. Creamy like brie, but with a nuttier more complex flavor. Delish. And, of couuuuuurse, the desserts. So the churros didn’t really do it for me actually. While sticks of fried dough are always good, I donno something was missing. However the cake was  wow. It’s a layer cake, with thick butterscotch cream cheese frosting between the layers, and it comes with butterscotch on the side to drizzle all over. Are you drooling yet..

I highly recommend Tres Gatos, whether you’re in the area or making a trip out just for this place. Definitely get the veg paella, and definitely try some of their wines or drinks. And stop by the record store in the back while you’re there.