I’m trying my best to eat at more restaurants in the Seaport, but so many of them are on the pricier, nicer side that I don’t find myself dining there too often. Blue Dragon is not really an exception to that, of course, but it is shareable small plates which can make all the difference.

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Blue Dragon. I’ve heard mixed reviews. Ming Tsai is a celebrity chef, with several restaurants, so you just never know if the food will be great,  in the style that made him famous, or sort of past it’s prime, from being franchised. However, I’m happy to say, that I very much enjoyed our meal.

We ordered the soy pickled deviled eggs, mushroom + garlic chive potstickers, Chinese broccoli with chili flakes, crispy brussel sprouts with pomegranate and pancetta, and the pad thai with scallops and bacon.

I absolutely loved the deviled eggs. The mustard and spice flavor was very strong, in the perfect way. I highly recommend. Although, a tip: they come out very cold, presumably from being chilled in the fridge where they’re stored, so give them a couple minutes to warm up to room temp. I also was really into the brussel sprouts. Somehow, they were all small, baby brussels, which everyone knows are the best ones in the bunch. They were nicely crispy, and the pomegranate provided an usual but welcome contrast in flavor. And I enjoyed the Chinese broccoli! Just the right amount of chili.

I liked the potstickers, and the sauce that came with them, although I thought that the wonton wrappers were too crunchy instead of chewy, if you know what I mean. The pad thai was tasty as well, but I would probably order a different noodle dish if I went back. The garlic-sake clams with udon noodles sound droooool worthy.

All in all, I think Blue Dragon is worth a visit. The decor is cool, it’s in a great area, and their drinks look really really good. We’re talking cocktails in pineapples, people.