Posto is one of those restaurants that I always knew I wanted to try but somehow I never made it there. A staple. Royalty in Davis Square, from the same family as Rosebud and the Painted Burro. Posto is classic Italian fare, with a pretty large menu encompassing pasta e pizze e antipasti. And the restaurant is a cool space – super high ceilings, glass, wood, candlelight. You get the vibes. Could be great for date night, or just a dinner with friends.


We started with the arancini. I really liked the sweet & spicy tomato sauce. Sort of like arrabbiata. Next time I’d love to try the bruschetta or burrata. For our mains, we were going to try and split a couple of different dishes, like maybe a pasta and a pizza, I was really drawn the green bean salad… but, alas. We each really wanted a certain pizza and couldn’t resist. So, we ordered the mushroom and soppressata pizzas.

Um. Wow. I swear that biting into this crust is exactly what biting into a cloud would feel like.  It’s so fluffy, and not too dense. Chewy. Absolutely perfect. I don’t know how they do it. I really can’t put it into words, so you need to go and experience it for yourself. Do yourself the favor. I also loved the toppings for my pizza. Garlicky sauteed spinach, three different kinds of mushrooms  – all around really great.

Before this, my favorite pizza in Boston was Area Four [helloooooo shiitake mushroom + fontina]. Their pizzas are likewise to die for and have me gushing. But this Posto crust really makes it tough to definitively say which is better. Maybe I’ll just have to keep trying them both until I can make up my mind…