I think the concept behind Parish Cafe is really cool. The whole menu features items created/designed by another chef. For example, the Bondir brisket, the Flour BLT, the spicy tuna burger from the chef at O Ya… and on and on. I’ve never seen another place like it. Great chefs recognizing and supporting great chefs, and everyone benefits! One of the locations for Parish is on Boylston, right in Back Bay, aka a perfect spot for a weekday work lunch. I used to go a lot, but I started to find that their vegetarian options were severely lacking. So I kinda stopped going. But, I am here to say, they’ve added a great new veg sandwich, the Alden, a la Alden & Harlow.

All their food is carefully thought out and pretty delicious. Each sandwich has it’s own twist and layers of flavors. I really can’t recommend them enough. I recently went and tried the Alden, which is: charred broccoli on grilled ciabatta with pecorino aioli, crispy chick peas, & fresh basil leaves. Ummm… yum. The broccoli was truly charred in the best way possible, and the crispy chick peas add a great crunchy texture. I also would recommend the eggplant milanesa [from Jamie Bissonnette of Toro/Coppa/Little Donkey], the other veg sandwich on the menu, but I think the Alden takes first place.

Also, FYI,the baked mac & cheese entree is delicious but can be ordered as a half size, which makes a perfect app to share. And still furthermore, Parish’s drink selection is not to be overlooked. Yeah, the food is A+, but they have a ton of beer on tap and ample cocktails. For those times you decide to go after work.