So, a couple things before I launch into this review.

One, I decided to leave Boston. It wasn’t the right place for me, even though I did enjoy my time trying as many restaurants as I possibly could. But, onto greener pastures and all that, right? Two, I just moved into my new place in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And so far, I am absolutely loving it.

Zizi Limona was the first restaurant I had dinner at since moving here. A perfect choice, for a symbolic meal if you will, as wow was my immediate response. From scoping the menu, I knew that it was my kinda place, but eating there was even better than expectation.

We ordered the falafel, grilled artichoke & cauliflower, the fattoush, a special of the evening which was roasted sunchokes + asparagus over polenta, and a halva fig dessert. Each dish was really quite good, but I think my favorite was the artichoke/cauliflower, followed by the special and the fattoush. The yogurt sauce reaaaaally made it. Now, the fattoush was great – a combo of fresh tomatoes along with roasted tomatoes, onions, etc. However, it was not what I’d think of for a ‘normal’ fattoush, which usually has a salad base. So, fair warning. Delicious, but atypical.

After we ate our food, we were stuffed. We debated on dessert for a while, because they sounded A+, but eventually decided no, and ordered a last drink instead. Our waiter brought us the halva dessert on the house, as a total surprise. Of course it was great, and I’m not even really a fig person. That added thoughtfulness says a lot about a restaurant, and only cemented my already positive view of the place. Now I can say for certain I’ll be back, although TBH I was already planning on returning.

Next time, I need to try the black cumin cauliflower, labane za’atar, and the hummus masabacha. There are tons of veg options as you can see, but also some wonderful sounding meat dishes, like chicken tangine and cowshuka.

Also, none of their drinks involve liquor, only varieties of wine, beer, apertifs, etc. Their cocktails are super creative nonetheless, such as the Great Lawn: camomile wine, white vermouth, blanc de blanc, cucumber, lime, rosemary smoke. Like woah.

So, in short, I recommend going to Zizi Limona immediately the next time you’re in Williamsburg. It’s perfect for an intimate meal, or larger dinner with friends, whatever.