a polite life

yuppie? yuccie? both? neither?

About Polite

Me? Polite. Yes, my last name is actually Polite. Yes, it’s pronounced just like it looks.

Likes? Food, eating food, cooking food, trying new types of food. Talking about food. Making plans to eat food with people I know or like or want to get to know. I’m also passionate about gender equality and the current state of the/our union. I’ll talk your ear off about any of the three topics mentioned above. And, surprise, I’m really into traveling. And combining all the things I love at one time. Southeast Asian food tour that facilitates women’s job growth? I’m there.

Dislikes? I’m easy enough to please, but I don’t like close-minded people. And, eh, misogyny. And ketchup. Ew that shit’s gross.

What am I doing? No longer that recent of a college grad living in Brooklyn. Told myself I’d never join corporate America but woah what do you know there I was. So, now I’ve moved to NY to see what else is out there. Currently enjoying the roaring twenties.


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